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Why Creatives Need Coworking Spaces

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Doctor, lawyer, accountant, teacher? Not too long ago, potential career paths were limited to a handful of professions. Today you can bring home the bacon as a TikTok influencer, vlogger, or even an unboxer (yes, those people who film themselves unboxing new cellphones really can make money!)

According to UNESCO, the cultural and creative industry generates USD 2,250 billion annually, so a career in the creative sphere can be a lucrative affair!

creative professional

For most of us, it’s hard to look at the dreamy pictures posted by travel influencers as they jet-set across the globe without at least a little bit of envy. Getting paid for frolicking on sun-kissed beaches, sipping on cocktails and tasting Michelin-standard food sounds rather perfect…

influencer on beach

When you speak to some of these successful influencers, however, they have a lot to say about the challenges they face. Only the best of the best truly succeed in this industry, and to stay consistently creative and innovative requires a tremendous amount of skill, strategy and supportive resources.

An increasingly prominent aid in the creative toolbox is coworking spaces. Creatives are turning to these solutions not only for the practical benefits, but also to stimulate their creative juices.

Whether you are a writer, designer, strategist or even a corporate cowboy, if you are in a rut and need some creative spark, here are some ways that coworking spaces can ignite your fire!

Gift of the Gab

Fact: Conversation stimulates creative thinking.

people chatting at coworking space

Conversation provides an opportunity to be exposed to fresh ideas and alternative perspectives, it encourages the building of new neural pathways in the brain, and, let’s face it, some people provide ample creative fodder just in the casual things they say (or even how they say it)!

In addition, according to Top Universities, bouncing ideas off other people is one of the best ways to unlock creativity. Even just taking a break and having a casual chit-chat with someone (and hearing a voice other than the one in your head) can create a shift in thought process.

Also a fact: Many creatives work alone.

For this reason, cafés are commonly used as a place to work, and the mere fact of being around other people can already make an impact. However, most cafés don’t provide obvious opportunities for striking up conversations with random strangers, and your attempts to do so could result in some undesirable reactions…

This is where coworking spaces can be very valuable, as they usually have areas dedicated to promoting conversation and interaction, and also often host networking events. (Sign up for Deskover’s newsletter to stay in the loop about networking events at coworking spaces in Luxembourg!)

Being a melting pot of people from different walks of life, careers, perspectives, and ideas, coworking spaces are ripe with opportunity! In addition to getting a creative boost, you may even meet a like-minded creative genius who could end up being a fantastic collaborator.

Shake Up Your Surroundings

When the creative juices are running dry, simply changing the four walls around you could have a massive impact. The décor, colours, air temperature, music, voices, people – every aspect of our environment plays a role in how we work and how we think.

One of the prime benefits of coworking spaces is that they offer a change in environment. Deskover takes it a step further and offers you a whole range of environments to choose from!

Paladium coworking space Luxembourg

One day you might be in search of a new wacky idea, and a colourful, vibrant room that energises you could be just the place. On another day you may need to knuckle down and focus on business strategy and analytics, and a more professional, corporate style space may be just what you need. Even the very act of choosing the most appropriate work area can generate innovative thought processes!

The mere activity of commuting to a different place, whether by foot, bus, or car, already stimulates the brain and activates your sensory systems. Who knows, even a striking sign on a barber shop, or a fellow passenger’s interesting dress design could unlock your next big idea!

Check out some of the coworking spaces on Deskover's platform HERE on our location page.

Work To Your Own Clock

More so than in other work spheres, creatives are often known to work unusual hours or power through while the rest of the world sleeps. Your peak focus time could be 04h27 in the morning, or just after a satisfying Sunday lunch.

creative professional working late

In order to harness your creativity when you’re in the groove, you need to make sure you capitalise on whatever your prime time is. The difficulty is that these hours sometimes collide with times when spouses want to sleep, cafés are full, and the options to find a reliable place to work are limited. The flexibility provided by coworking spaces, many of which have after-hours and weekend availability, can really be valuable in these cases.

Working spaces can often be booked instantly as the need arises - which is important given that you can’t always plan when inspiration will strike! One of the unique benefits that Deskover offers is e-access to working spaces via a QR code, allowing you to conveniently access the coworking spaces after hours.

Creative work also often requires long blocks of uninterrupted focus time to allow you to work efficiently and produce quality results. Through the Deskover platform, you can choose to book a work area for long periods, from the early morning into the late evening, giving you a dedicated, distraction-free zone, where you can put your head down and power through without anyone hijacking your train of thought.

The creative industry can be dynamic, fun, and full of adventure. But there will undoubtedly be tough seasons where the spark just doesn’t seem to light. Deskover believes in the power of coworking to fuel creative thinking, and to provide creatives with another resource to allow them to keep innovating, creating, and changing the world as we know it.

Sign up HERE and give it a try - the impact may surpass even your imagination!

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