Virtual Reality for Education - A good idea?

Virtual reality can change the way we learn.

In this video #insead shows how they integrated this technology in classrooms, allowing participants to experience the cases they are used to read on paper through their own eyes.

This expose them to a whole new quantity of small details that would otherwise be lost.

When I first tried the VR headset, my reaction was "WOW".

I had the same reaction when I found out that centrifugal force is only apparent, so I tried to imagine myself on the swing ride, you know, the one in the amusement parks where you sit and fly around, up in the sky (very extreme experience in my opinion :D ).

Now think about all students who today could visualize the physics of the phenomenon not only through their imagination.

How faster would their learning process be?

How longer would they remember the concept?

In engineering, students have always used their "kind-of virtual reality": the right-hand rule, our ally to "see" forces.

I guess many would react with "wow" when seeing those forces "materialising" in front of them.

And you? Do you think VR is a good instrument for education?

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