The Sunset

The sunset is a good moment to observe how we were and how we are becoming.

Yes, the sunset.

Yesterday, around 8pm, on the beach. The sea was calmer, lots of people had already left and almost nobody was in the water. The moment was perfect. The temperature, the soft wind, the light.

The sun was going down, its brightness was slowly changing, from unbearable white to a pleasant orange that would soon become red. The sky was also changing. What for the whole day was an amazing blue was now fading into shadows of pink.

The sunset... I wondered how many before us, before now, stopped for one moment, even for only fifteen minutes, in order to contemplate this free masterpiece of nature. I thought about my grandma, who passed away only few months ago: " I hope she also had the chance to enjoy such spectacle".

I am sure she did.

To me the sunset has always been an occasion for reflection, an instant to contemplate the horizon and think.

But yesterday something was different. Something was creepy.

As you can imagine, I was not alone on this beach (unfortunately). It was my partner and I, and a good number of others. The location? Falassarna. An amazing spot in Crete, really really recommended!

When the sky started to change, when it started giving us its best "performance", a forward movement started. Like those little turtles which run towards the sea once they hatch out of their eggs, people started to approach the water. Feet in the sea, they started taking pictures.

"Fine - I thought - it's a nice moment and a nice image. There's nothing wrong with a picture".

But NO!! It was not just A picture. Not even two or three! People started going wild. Euphoria.

They started taking selfies from every corner, some were doing acrobacies, some posing in very funny ways, some were trying to take the best short videos.

All of this, of course, in front of my amazing sunset -.- If I could only filter out people from my sight sometime.

Well I was surprised. You might think: why? I thought I had gotten the power of social media and self promotion, but this was crazy. I was trying to enjoy a moment of silence, but I could not stop being distracted by the fact that no one else was.

The final moment of a sunset is my favorite: the sun touches the sea and you can see how fast we are moving just by observing how fast it disappears. And it's a good time to feel how small we are.

This was also the moment that everyone else missed, too busy trying to choose which picture to post (and you can guess how long it would take them, considering they took more picture than a photographer at a wedding). They missed the best part, 'cause they just did not care.

I still remember those times in which we would plan to go to the beach with friends exclusively to watch the sunset. Just to watch.

Since when did this magical moment became, from a moment of contemplation, a mere moment of self exhibitionism?


... if even the beauty of such a natural masterpiece cannot distract us from the shallowness we surround ourselves with, what could?

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