About The Founders - Chapter 1

!Happy #Sunday Deskover People 🤩!

Francesca here, cofounder of the company !

I thought today it would be a nice day to re-introduce myself for the new followers! A little bit of my story and the why behind this startup :) so if you’re curious, keep reading.

I’m Italian and I lived in Milan until I was 22 . I then moved to Sweden, and after a short break in Brazil, I moved to the Netherlands .

Now in Luxembourg since 4 years!

My biggest passion ever is volleyball , I started playing at 7 and learned more from sports then in dozens of leadership classes (if you got kids, let them play a team sport, it literally makes the difference! ).

Since I was very small, I was a good student. I never looked like one (strangely enough people have a precise stereotype image of good students), but I was.

I loved learning. In particular, I loved solving math problems. And physics one, oh yes..the more difficult, the better. But I also liked writing essays, studying philosophy or art history.

I had a classmate with whom we were always joking about the fact the humanistic subjects were better than science and vice-versa. Today he’s a professor and I guess we both know there’s no right answer to that dilemma. He’s also one of the smartest people I’ve met throughout my life and I’m so glad he’s devoting himself to transfer his passion to young people.

So, back to my young studying times.

My parents didn’t have time to help me with homework.. So my brother and I were left independent. (Note: my brother Marco is the other cofounder 🤩‍‍‍).

My parents did the best job parents can do: make us understand the importance of education. If the teacher said something, the teacher was right. Always. If some grades were not good, that was our fault. "Not everyone is born smart". That's so powerful and I'd make t-shirts out of this sentence. Mainly for some parents, who think their kids are the new Albert Einstein... if it was not for this cruel school system. "So smart, but not valued in school"....yeah right..

Anywayyy, I'm digressing too much!! :D

So. Our room was quite small - one of those mini rooms that have things coming out of the closet. In our room, the thing coming out out the closet was my bed . As you can imagine, room for a desk was not really there, so we just didn’t have a desk.

We were studying in the living room, which is also the kitchen.

I think that there I learned how to filter sounds in my brain. The sound of the TV on, usually on some football match, and the sound of my mom and dad speaking.

Marco and I were studying there. That was our studying spot.

We had certain times that we were used to dedicate to studying, normally:

  • after school and before volleyball training for me

  • after school and after football training for him

  • of course whenever it was time to eat, we had to "free the table", 'cause that was the table where we were eating as well.

Having the right time to study was very important to keep rhythm, between school, sports and friends.

After finishing high school, it was time for university.

Computer engineering for Marco, Mechanical engineering for me.

Subjects became quite difficult, and the focusing conditions required to learn also changed.

I could not study there anymore, on that table.

So I found solutions. Of course, as a student, you get tons of options. I started going to the library. I found places where to study. Proper spaces. I not only found proper spaces, but also friends. So many friends.

Uni was tough but so much fun.

Then university was over.

I had been waiting for that moment for so long, getting my Master's degree. A dream come true.

But the moment I started working, I understood that something would be missing.

That learning pleasure. Having the right to have the TIME and the PROPER CONDITIONS to study and learn.

Suddenly this was gone.

And I was like:



Not having a learning objective was just weird to me. It was like I was missing a motivation that would keep me enthusiastic. And I know this is the same for many people.

Having that objective, that exam you want to pass because you're passionate about the subject, you want to understand more. Studying and putting the effort to understand things, apply them. And finally be able to pass a test, which is just a confirmation of what you've learned.

This is a painful but joyful journey. That's how I would define it.

Is it an oxymoron? Yes. But that's what happens in our brain while we go through it.

Not after long in my career, I understood that the learning process is never ending. And I said this many many times. I studied for several professional qualifications and languages during these last years. This is not the case for everyone, maybe some just don't like to learn.

But for those who love it, the questions then are:

Why are the conditions so different? Why do we have to study by ourselves? Why are there not proper spaces for people who work and want to keep learning? Why are there not organized parties for after exams also for us? Why can't I find friends throughout the process?

Imagine: we say today "he's a friend from Uni". What if we could say "He's a friend from my CFA, from my CCDL, my ACCA, my French, German" Whatever really.

We grow up, but we stay young inside. Even at 60, there's still that young student inside us. Why not giving the possibility to people to feel like back then? Giving them the chance to have that painful yet joyful journey?

That's the why behind Deskover. We want to give this to people.

Is it easy? Of course not. Building a community is the most difficult part during Covid times. Trying to make this affordable to people. Even more difficult. Getting spaces on board. Delicate.

But that's what Marco and I work on every day.

We have now hundreds of km between us. We see each other through a screen.

But when I go back to Italy and we discuss about the company on that table, the table where we put the base of who we are today, we can't stop ourselves from thinking:

"It's hard. But this, as learning, is for sure a painful but joyful journey. Totally worth it"

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