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8 Reasons Why Shared Workspaces are Great Places to Study

Deskover first started as a platform specifically designed to support people who are studying in Luxembourg. While it has since broadened in scope and provides solutions for a variety of people across multiple industries, a significant number of Deskover users are still students.


Because coworking spaces are a powerful study aid.

Whether you are a hip student or a go-getting business professional adding a 7th degree to the certificate collage on the wall, the main challenges of studying are largely the same: distractions, discipline, motivation, time constraints, and appropriate study venue.

In this article we’ll look at a few examples of why shared workspaces can be a valuable study support.

1. Help You Shift into Study Mode

Studying at home can be challenging, adding various temptations and distractions to the list of things contending for your attention. It could also be a difficult environment to concentrate in, depending on the available space, as well as your co-inhabitants.

Many studying business professionals use their office as a study location after hours. While this may have several benefits, it can sometimes be difficult to indicate to colleagues (or yourself) that the work day is over and that study time should begin.

Moving to a designated study location, which is distinct from your home and professional work surroundings, can be a great aid to help you mentally shift into study-mode. The change in environment signifies the start of the study session and time to switch gears from leisure time or work time. This shift helps you “get into the zone” quicker, and also assists you to switch off when it’s time to take a break.

2. Boost Motivation and Memory Recall

Motivation levels can suffer from spending many hours in the same space. This challenge is common to all students who have a regular study location, and can be particularly tough for full-time professionals who study in the office in the evenings and on weekends.

Besides securing a separate location for study sessions, the ability to book different spaces for different sessions can boost motivation and stave off boredom (which can be especially helpful when attempting to study the more tedious subjects!).

In addition, research shows that studying in different locations can help information stick in your long term memory, and boost memory recall.

Because humans naturally feed off each other’s energy, studying in an environment surrounded by other people who are working productively, regardless of the type of work they may be doing, can also play a powerful subconscious role in promoting concentration and motivation.

3. Spaces to Suit Your Study Vibe

Some of us need absolute dead silence in order to focus on our studies. Others do better with “white noise”, like nearby movement or soft chatter. And, of course, our needs change from day to day, depending on our mood, energy levels, and the subject in front of us.

Finding a quiet space to study can be challenging, and finding a study location that is reliably busy, but not too busy, can be equally challenging – if not more.

Coworking spaces are designed to cater for a variety of needs. For this reason, there are areas with a livelier atmosphere, and areas that are completely isolated and silent. Because there are various spaces within a single building, you also have the ability to move between different environments as your mood and focus levels fluctuate throughout your study session.

4. Comfort for Optimal Study Conditions

Just because your brain might be uncomfortable with all the studying doesn’t mean your body needs to be! In fact, research has shown that elements as basic as seating, lighting, noise and even colour can have a massive impact on your ability to absorb and retain information.

Coworking spaces are deliberately designed for working comfort, and the lighting, décor, background music and furniture are all intentionally selected to promote comfort and optimal working conditions.

According to Herzing University, the average student studies around 17 hours per week. Spending this time on a bad chair at an awkward table can put strain on your back and neck, which could add to the headaches the information overload and stress could already be causing…

5. Facilities to Support your Needs

Many of the coworking spaces offer access to meeting rooms, which are perfect for group study sessions or assignment planning meetings, as well as printing facilities if you are a paper-person.

Other much-loved facilities include chill pods for post-study stress relief (or for those “chilled revision sessions”), and even foosball tables for study breaks!

And of course, one of the most valued: easy access to an excellent coffee machine!

6. Time Slots to Match your Study Plan

Through Deskover’s platform, it is possible to book work spaces after hours and on weekends, providing a dependable location to study at times when other venues, such as libraries or cafés, are often closed or crowded.

In addition, the platform allows you to book slots for a variety of durations, providing you with flexibility as well as a mechanism you can use to ensure you keep to your planned study hours. If you’ve booked a session and gone all the way to the coworking space, you will probably be less likely to cut your study session short!

7. A Hub for Fellow Students

Coworking spaces are a great place to meet up with your classmates to study together or work on assignments. Generally, being surrounded by fellow students can inspire you to do better work and can also be a great help when the studies get tough and you need some help - or just someone to groan with!

8. Potential Career Opportunities

Coworking spaces are known to be prime networking locations. As mentioned in our previous article “How Coworking Solutions are Fueling Startups in Luxembourg”, coworking spaces can be a great place to meet new people and expand your network.

For students who have not yet entered the working world, a chance encounter in the coffee area could lead to your first big break. For those looking to move into a different field or grow a client base, the “knowing look” exchanged with a fellow workspacer who has recognised your textbook could lead to a valuable connection.

In any event, meeting people is a great way to spend a study break and can help to refresh your mind before hitting the books for the next power session.

Deskover is passionate about helping people achieve their work and study goals by providing easy access to locations in Luxembourg where they can work and study more effectively. Why not book a workspace the next time you need to study and see the value for yourself? See our locations HERE.

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