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If you typed “coworking space Luxembourg” into Google search, you probably found a long results page of work space solutions begging to be booked. So, how do you choose? What should you look for in a good shared workspace?

In this article we look at 6 factors to weigh up when selecting the right space for you.

1. Location

Let’s start with the most obvious one – location.

Of course, you want to be conveniently close to home. But make sure you are not too close! You want to have a commute long enough to actually realise you’ve left your bedroom.

Whether there are marvellous rays of sunshine caressing your face, or refreshing raindrops giving you your second shower of the day, the fresh air of the outside world is invaluable for your wellbeing. Enjoy a bit of a walk to help separate your work day from your personal time.

If you are planning to choose a workspace for the long term, be sure to select one that has healthy lunch options nearby, for when you need a break to refuel.

If you generally work alone, it could be nice to choose a spot in the City Centre or near office work hubs, like Kirchberg or Cloche d’Or. This way you can arrange to meet a friend for lunch now and then to get your social vibes going. You can easily find some spots near some of these types of areas HERE on our locations page.

2. Budget

Different coworking spaces come with different price tags. Choose a space that offers an affordable long-term solution. An amazing work environment can boost productivity and work motivation for sure, but it should not cost you more than you are bringing in!

This being said, take into account the facilities on offer. A slightly more expensive space that offers free coffee could be more budget-friendly than a cheaper option that doesn’t – especially if you are a caffeine bunny!

3. Décor and atmosphere

One of the great advantages of shared work spaces is the ability to choose a work environment that suits your style. Do you like a traditional or formal setting, or a wacky and creative layout? A quiet desk, or a comfy couch?

The ideal is to find a work space that has a mix of both. This way, you can move between areas within the coworking space based on your mood and the type of work you are busy with. A change of scenery can enhance productivity, reignite motivation and stave off boredom (and some of us need this on a regular basis!).

But don’t forget that comfort should always trump vibe! Working under a palm tree in an island-style setting may seem like a dream-come-true… but humid temperatures and a hammock is probably not a great long-term choice (for productivity or for your back!).

4. People

One of the beauties of coworking spaces is the variety of people you will encounter. Corporate cowboys, digital nomads, writers, entrepreneurs, students – you name it!

That being said, certain locations and styles of spaces will often attract different kinds of people. A coworking space near a business school or a university might attract more business minds and students. Unusual or wacky workspaces, like Paladium Secret Garden in Bertrange, might attract more creatives and designers.

Paladium Coworking Space

Think about what types of people you want to meet and interact with the most. Are you looking for business networking, or inspiration from entrepreneurs? Or maybe for someone to burn the midnight oil with, as you soldier on through the night? Perhaps you want to meet other people who are as quirky and off-the-wall as you are!

Some coworking spaces host regular networking events or other social opportunities. If you are looking to meet people and network, this could be a valuable benefit.

Alternatively, if there is nothing regular in place at a coworking space you like, you could ask the managers whether they would allow you to organise your own networking events. Who knows, you could kick-start the establishment of a valuable networking community in Luxembourg!

5. Facilities

Apart from the quality and quantity of the coffee supply on offer, think about what other facilities would make your working experience more effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Meeting rooms where you can collaborate with clients or colleagues? Conference rooms where you can host seminars or think-tanks? Foosball tables and couches where you can unwind in between hard work sessions? Let your imagination run wild – there is most likely a space that ticks at least some of your boxes.

Some coworking spaces offer sleep pods, such as Ginkgo, which are great for times when a little bit of rest is needed! Check it out HERE.

Ginkgo Coworking Space

If you are a startup or sole proprietor, you might want to choose a workspace that allows you to use their address as a registered office. Some coworking spaces in Luxembourg have additional services and special rates available for startups and entrepreneurs, so don’t be shy to ask what they can offer you!

6. Your unique needs

Remember to consider the needs of your particular job. You might love the networking possibilities offered by shared work spaces – but if you often need to make confidential calls, ensure there is a private space where you can speak without spilling the beans to everyone in the room.

Also think about your personal work style and routine. If you are a night owl, pick a coworking space that isn’t going to kick you out at 6pm, just when your engine starts running. If you know that you tend to get distracted easily, don’t choose a space where your train of thought will be sent on a detour every 5 minutes.

There are a variety of great coworking spaces in Luxembourg. Regardless of your working style or personal routine, there is no doubt a workspace that will meet your needs.

Remember that a coworking space should make your work life more effective, enjoyable and efficient – if it isn’t doing that then you need to switch it up!

Why not try a few different spots to test the waters and see what is out there? Check out our listings HERE and revolutionise the way your work.

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