5 years ago - University memories

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

5 years ago I got my Master's degree.

My graduation's day

I can still recall myself going to #Chalmers university, walking up and down those cold Gothenburg's hills, covered in my hood.

I can recall the years of efforts in #Politecnicodimilano, when I was one among the very few girls in that enormous class of future mechanical engineers . Years where you learn how to be humble, cause as soon as you feel smart enough cause you passed a difficult exam, here comes the next one, ready to slap you in that "smart but not enough" face.

I still remember my first day: "I am going to university now", I kept thinking, and I felt so proud and privileged and the luckiest girl.

If you asked me to go back, well I would say NO. But here's the thing I miss the most from those days: learning new things. Every day.

5 years ago I told myself "I won't study anymore, I am done!". And I was so wrong -

Learning is a continuous journey and we should stop thinking that education has an end or boundaries. I wish everyone had more time to expand their knowledge in any possible way. I wish everyone felt encouraged and supported to continue studying for something new. We are not done learning, and the best part is that we will never be.

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