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5 Innovative Workspaces That Are Revolutionising the Way We Work

Change is as good as a holiday, right?

In work terms, perhaps it is not ideal to get into a vacation mindset on a Monday morning. Especially when you have a mile-long to-do list and 17 meetings ahead… But nevertheless, changing the 4 walls around you can refresh your mindset in much needed ways!

forest workspace

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Coworking and alternative working spaces can be a melting pot of ideas and inspiration – both because of the variety of people working around you, as well as the physical surroundings.

We've put together a list of 5 of the most innovative workspaces across the world. These spaces demonstrate once again how a physical work environment can revolutionise and revamp the way you work.

1. Nova Pod - A Regular Change of Scenery

Are you inspired by epic views, vast landscapes, natural light, and fresh air? The Nova Pod offers a glimpse of the possibilities open to nature-lovers who thrive from a regular change of scenery!

interesting workspace - nova Pod

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This innovative work solution is owned and operated by Cape Town-based company Work & Co. The solar-powered mobile unit is equipped with fast Wi-Fi, modern tech including a smart TV, Apple TV, printer and other office essentials, as well as a minibar and bathroom.

Nova Pod Workspace

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The most prized feature, however, is the wheels! With the ability to change locations daily, users have the best chances of escaping boredom and broadening the horizons of their imaginations!

2. The Lighthouse - A Compact Creative Space

Is your job feeling a little “square”? Do you sometimes feel you need to break out of the mould to reignite your creativity? The Lighthouse is just such a space.

The Lighthouse Workspace

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Architects from the Knowhow Shop designed this unusual office for their backyard. The compact microstructure is made from prefabricated panels, placed on wheels sourced from industrial dumpsters. The result is a mobile office that can easily fit into a garden, yard or even a driveway.

Through an oddly shaped door, you enter a creative space that is guaranteed to refresh perspectives. With an unusual combination of angles and shapes, you certainly wouldn’t feel “boxed in” to your regular day-to-day work routine!

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With rising real estate prices in Luxembourg and the move towards working-from-home, the Lighthouse office speaks to the increasing need for creative solutions for workspaces.

Of course, we might not all be able to have a similar place constructed right in our garden. Fortunately, there are a variety of coworking spaces in Luxembourg which offer a creative escape for those who need to stimulate the creative juices.

3. BeanOutsider - A Touch of Nature in the Concrete Jungle

Studies have shown that working outdoors can boost happiness, creativity, and productivity. For this reason, L.L. Bean wanted to help people escape conventional office settings, and provide a work environment more removed from the concrete jungle.

BeanOutsider Workspace

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For its #BeanOutsider campaign, L.L. Bean launched this workspace in New York City's Madison Square Park. The space was open to the public, with access to everything from Wi-Fi and electricity to team-building exercises.

Workspace BeanOutsider

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Indeed, the weather is Luxembourg is not always suited to working in the park. That is, unless you are studying the effect that constant rain has on human skin, for example…

Nevertheless, working in a room that has plenty of natural light and plants can create a feeling of being outdoors. This can promote focus, boost mood, relieve stress and enhance concentration.

4. Crew Collective - A Different Era of Working

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Crew Collective in Montreal. This coworking space is set in a building that was constructed in the 1920s for the Royal Bank of Canada.

Marble mosaic floor, opulent golden chandeliers, limestone walls, and intricate coffered ceilings that were designed by the Italian master Angelo Magnanti – this space is nothing short of epic!

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Working in a rich architectural environment, especially one dripping with history and significance, can make even the most monotonous job feel monumentally important!

5. The Brain Embassy - Mind-Blowing Inspiration

Do you sometimes feel like your brain is about to explode from all the information you’ve been stuffing into it?

The human brain has over 100 billion neurons firing to receive, process and transmit information. I don’t know about you, but I often feel like a few hundred of those neurons are exploding...

Coworking Space - The Brain Embassy

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Poland-based design studio Modelina created the Brain Embassy, inspired by the human brain. The concept of synapses and neurons are directly incorporated in the art and design features of the work areas, and every conference room’s decor is a devotion to mathematicians, artists, architects or chemists.

It is remarkable how an inspiring environment can boost motivation and energize you. Whether it is the physical design that gets you going, or the neurons being fired by people sharing the space, the impact a coworking space can have on your work day is definitely mind-blowing!

Coworking Space - The Brain Embassy

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The increasing number of innovative, off-the-wall workspaces like these confirms that people want more than just a place to work comfortably and effectively. They are looking to the work environment to stimulate creativity, productivity, and inspiration.

Today, the coworking spaces in Luxembourg are better than ever. They offer a variety of styles and layouts to suit you, whether you’re a small startup or a virtual vagabond. After all, every person is unique and needs their ideal ambience to be the best version of themselves.

Whether you are yearning for revived creativity or an opportunity to break out of a rut, changing the 4 walls around you can revolutionise your work day.

Here's to finding a happy and healthy workspace!

See HERE for a full list of our awesome coworking spaces in Luxembourg.

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