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Deskover: Luxembourg’s First Co-Learning Concept

Could you start by explaining what Deskover is? Deskover is the first co-learning concept in Luxembourg. We provide an affordable space and also a community ...

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06 Jun 2020


Francesca Pogliani brings lifelong learners together

If you visited Foundry at evening time before the lockdown closed the country, you might have seen Francesca and her group of co-learners...

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18 May 2020


DESKOVER: opening doors to lifelong learning

Let's start with an easy quiz: where and when do you think the cover picture of this article was taken? 1.On a Tuesday morning, @10h00 at the library.? 2. ...

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“Just hit the road”

En amont de l’événement Start-up Stories: Round 4 organisé par le Paperjam Club le mardi 10 novembre chez Welkin and Meraki, la représentante de la société Deskover, Francesca Pogliani, partage sa vision d’entrepreneur.

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18 Nov 2020


We never stop learning

Retrouvez l'intervention de Francesca Pogliani (Deskover), gagnante de ce round 4 des Start-up Stories, le 10 novembre 2020.

Video in English

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Study Group

20 Jun 2020


Studiare, incontrarsi, imparare….condividendo!

Francesca Pogliani, milanese, 30 anni, ingegnere, vive [...] Mancavano luoghi, alternativi a quelli pubblici, tipo bar o biblioteche, dove i giovani (e meno giovani) potessero studiare, da soli o in gruppo.

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