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Hosting on Deskover.
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What services can you offer? 

Deskover is an Online Marketplace that helps you monetizing the capacity of your space by giving you the chance to rent out desks with unprecedented flexibility. 

When listing your space on Deskover, you need to decide which services you want to offer to Deskover users, who will actually become your clients! You will also need to decide at what times Deskover users will be allowed to access your space; the unique feature about our Platform is that you can allow clients to book a desk in your space at really anytime. You will also have to establish the space capacity: we will ensure you don't get more bookings than what you can actually manage.


Opening times

  • Accept bookings only during business hours

  • Accept bookings only on evenings and weekends
    (Note: this option is the most popular for spaces that need to monetize the space after typical business hours - in this case the main clients would be lifelong learners who are looking for places to study after business hours and aspiring entrepreneurs still working full time. Choosing this option means optimizing your spare capacity to the max!)

  • Accept bookings at any time. This gives you the best from both options above.  


Our platform manages your capacity. This means that we will allow a maximum number of users to book your space for a given time. This helps you avoid the unfortunate case in which more clients than you can host book for your space. 

When asked about the capacity, you just need to indicate the maximum number of clients you are able or willing to host in your space, via Deskover bookings. 


When it comes to pricing, you have several choices. It is really up to you. 

Here below some options:

  • Clients can pay on demand: i.e.
    - €/hour 
    - €/full day
    - €/afternoon
    - €/evening etc


  • Clients can buy a subscription: i.e.
    - 1 month 
    - 3 months

    - 10 times/5 times pass
    - 1 week etc

    Note: you can decide to offer a subscription
    - for office hours exclusively
    - for Evenings and Weekends exclusively
    - for both. 


  • Clients have both options: get a subscription AND pay on demand.

Pricing Insights

We want to help you setting a price that is reasonable for our benchmark in Luxembourg, mainly when it comes to those flexible options that we are introducing as a possibility through the platform :

  • on demand: i.e.
    - €/hour = ~6€
    - €/full day during the week = ~25-30€
    - €/half a day = ~15-18€
    - €/evening etc = ~10€
    - €/full day during weekend = ~15-20€


  • Subscription: i.e.
    - 1 month (evenings and weekends) = ~85-130€
    - 3 months (evenings and weekends) = ~270-300€

    - 10 times (evenings and weekends) = ~56 - 90€

  • When it comes to pricing for subscriptions valid during business hours, we trust that you have enough knowledge of the Market Prices.  

Access Control Insights

Depending on what services you decide to offer, your guests might book a desk in your space on evenings and weekends: you need to make sure they will be able to access! 

If you offer bookings only during business hours and you have an active reception, there's nothing to be done. Deskover users will show their confirmation at the reception and use your space according to the latter. 

In order to manage access during evenings and weekends, you might have the following options:

  • You already manage access control via a mobile application.
    It will be sufficient to guarantee access to your Deskover clients through the application. 
    Note: this option usually does not allow flexibility in terms of bookings. This means that you will be limited to offer subscriptions. 

  • You will require Deskover Clients to collect a physical badge or token. 
    Note: this option usually does not allow flexibility in terms of bookings. This means
     that you will be limited to offer subscriptions.

  • You will install a QR Code Reader. This option is the best in terms of flexibility. 
    Your Deskover clients will receive a unique QR Code that will allow them to open the door exclusively during the time-slot they booked. Should you wish to install the QR Code reader, we will put you in contact with the supplier of the hardware and we will take care of the software integration. 

How to use your Host Dashboard

We created a dashboard for Hosts to make your experience with Deskover as transparent and comfortable as possible. You will be able to access your dashboard by logging in and clicking on the button "Your Dashboard" on our homepage. 

Once you land on the dashboard, you will see your profile at the top of the page and three features when scrolling down. What each of these features allow you to do is the following:



By clicking on this feature you will be able to check the bookings made for your space. If you are Host for more than one listing, you'll see a dropdown box that will allow you to choose which space you want to see bookings for.  

The bookings page will show you both upcoming and past bookings. 

To navigate between the two, simply click on the correspondent buttons. 

The bookings will appear as a list with the following information:

Guest's name - Booking start time - Booking end time

Moreover, by clicking on the icons in the booking list, you'll be able to see clients' details


This page gives you access to an overview of all payments processed on Deskover and allocated to your location. If you are Host for more than one listing, you'll see a dropdown box that will allow you to choose which space you want to see payments for.

The payments are visualized in a table that provides the following information: 

Date of the payment - amount [€] - amount HTVA - host amount - host amount HTVA -
deskover amount - deskover amount HTVA - Email Customer - Status - Product sold 


This table is used at the end of each month for accounting purposes. As indicated in our Service fees page, the Host is responsible to issue an invoice to Deskover with the total amount as indicated in this table, in particular with the amount "Host amount HTVA" . Deskover will proceed with the payment upon reception of such invoice. 



This page gives you access to all invoices issued by Deskover to Guests. Each invoice is linked to a payment. All invoices are downloadable at the end of each month. 

Note: this page DOES NOT give you access to invoices from Deskover to you as a host. As specified above and in our Service Fees Page, Deskover does not issue invoices to Hosts. 

The payments and respective invoices are visualized in a table that provides the following information: 

Date - amount [€] - Email Customer - Status - Product - PRINT

By clicking on "PRINT", you will be able to download the invoice. If nothing happens, it means that the system has not generated the invoice yet.