Where the heck do you find a space to focus, study and achieve your goals when you are not a student anymore but still have to study?  
Let me answer to you: so far, you don't. 
In Luxembourg, libraries close after 20h00 during the week. They also close on Sundays and Mondays and are freaking busy on Saturdays. Cafés are cool but so noisy, tables are small and the waiter puts pressure on you cause "hey, you're keeping the table!". So you end up having 3 cappuccinos and 2 pieces of cake... not very good for your diet :P 
If you have a big house, you're lucky. But if you don't, you might have to study with your kids jumping around, or your housemates playing guitar. Another option again, very common, is that you might not get the right motivation to sit again and focus, after a whole day at work, 'cause the couch is just too tempting. And believe me, I feel you. 
If you are an adult, with a job, and you're taking a  professional certification exam  (like CFA, ACCA, and many others); if you are doing an MBA next to your job, learning French, German, Luxembourgish or even Greek. If you are following online classes cause you're curious by nature, well...you are on your own. Or..... you were on your own
Deskover was born to allow YOU to find a space to focus, grow and learn, at any time! We will be open on evenings and weekends, when everything else is closed. 
A space for you to be able to concentrate and achieve your goals. Alone OR with others, you choose!!
With Deskover, being a lifelong learner doesn't have to be "on your own" anymore! It doesn't have to have a closing time anymore! It doesn't have to be boring anymore!
Join us! Let's change lifelong learning in Luxembourg, together!

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Image by Anthony Tran