Book coworking spaces near you. Any time.

What are you looking for? 

What do we do?

We provide desks for people who need to focus, by monetizing spare space of coworking spaces. 

How does it work?

Gain points and collect badges, challenge your friends and keep moving towards your goals.

Access during evenings and weekends!

Coffee and tea

What can the locations offer?

High-speed Wifi



Resting areas

And much more!

How will you open the door? 

If you book a desk during business hours, you might simply find the door open :) But if you book on evenings and weekends, you need a way to enter! And we got you covered!

Check the icons on the location page to find out. Coworking spaces might have different ways to manage control access.


This icon indicates the presence of a QR-code reader.

Get your QR-code on "My Bookings" page and show it on the reader to enter! 

This icon indicates the usage of an app to manage the access.

You will receive an email with instructions.

This icon indicates the usage of badges or tokens.

Get in contact with the location to receive yours.

Why we are different

We literally thought about everyone!
Professionals who need a desk, to study or work, aspiring entrepreneurs and students.

We offer flexible and cheaper packages to cover the different needs

Meet The Team


Francesca Pogliani

Co-Founder and CEO

Marco Pogliani

Co-Founder and CTO

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